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84987 Km: world record distance buggy blitz? - Tips and Tricks to go fast and take fun

Beach buggy blitz tips and tricks
How to gain coins very fast
How to make over 70 km and over 150000 point
Upgrades build to optimize time and fun
Let's start!

Beach buggy blitz is a very realistic driving game. So, for a very funny play, is needed to gain upgrade and cars.
This guide can help you to not waste your time and reach very fast TOP player level.
So let’s start with some frequently asked question about this game.

And, sorry for my rude english.

1) what car i have to choose? What is the best car?
Rock stomper!
There is a only response. Rock stomper is the best car avaible for a lots of reasons:
-not loss speed on the water (not immediately like others cars)
-not loss speed after a jump for high and hard bouncing (other cars in some cases bounce out of road). With this Rock stomper can return quickly to top speed after a jump.
-stomper can walk over other cars. In a lot’s of circumstances, (ex after a hill or obstacle, rock stomper take a little jump and big tires and suspension overhelm others car. Then you can stay in the line you choose for turning and don’t lose speed while hitting slow car)
-stomper is very large car (is not the only) and this allow you to take more coins when run
- stomper is strong car and if you hit some obstacles this not affect your speed sinificantly
-acceleration is very good and turning is good enough for drive in all tracks.

-is an high car and in some cases crash on the top of the gallery
-is large and high car and this limit, in some cases, your visibilty of the road

So, for all this, rock stomper is the best car for this game.

2) how to make more coins? 
Is frustrating to me wait very long time to buy upgrades.
Coins are disposed in lines. At the start is avaible only 1line-coins. 2line appear after 2 km, 3 line-coins after 6 km.
Is simple to understand that you need to reach a long distance, where are placed the 3 lines of coins for take more coin and take it more easy.
I suggest you to select your upgrade’s build to maximize distance and not maximize coins collect.
This is a very common error of a lot of player.
So i suggest this upgrades build that, in only 20-30 game, can brings you to drive a very fast car.
1 second can give you exactly the time to reach the next extra time flag. This means other 15 or 18 second to gain other money. So, a second can be equal to high coins cash.
-BOOST. Is a risky choice. Boost is very poor at the level 1 but 1-2 sec gained with boost can allow you to reach next checkpoint and (more coins!).
I suggest that you invest coins on this 2 stuff (time and boost) to improve your distance and go ahed how much long you can, until the 3lines coins.
Are you able to reach 5km and 3line coin? If yes, the third upgrade is TIME UPGRADE LEVEL 2.
But, if your driving skills are not so strong, take SHIELD. Shield is good for beginners drivers because allow to drive off the central line without loss speed.
Is good for a beginner players to take the shield in this initial stage of game for understand the tracks, the car and where are the better lines to follow to be fast.
But, if your driving skills are average or good, take BOOST LEVEL 2!
The formula is: more speed + more time = More coins!
So, if your speed is not good take a little help (SHIELD). 
If you are fast, take BOOST.

This build is very different by the other that you find on line (bubblecoin-magnet) but this work very fine.
And after?
Now, beginners players can take LEVEL 2 BOOST. After this, it can be take MAGNET and COINBUBBLE LEVEL 1 (expert players can make too).
So, play until you reach 2400 coins (10 game).
Ok, now you can take money very very easy and be surprised by the funny drive skills of this road monster.
In few races you can reach 2000 coins for EXTRATIME LEVEL 3.
This is a mega boost for make a lot of coins.
Not take other stuff (MAGNET is redundant because you have large car, BUBBLECOIN is not significant for the moment. Not waste coin for take level 2 of this stuff now).
Finally, you can complete build with BOOST LEVEL 3.
Ok now you can upgrade SHIELD LEVEL 2 and 3.
After can take MAGNET and Coinbubble Level 2.
Last stuff is to upgrade ROCK STOMPER at LEVEL 3.
After this you can reach over 35 km and now you can choose what you want.
Coins is not a problem now.
Be quite, memorize tracks, and after a lot of game you can complete rock stomper upgrade and time upgrade.
With this car complete, every game allows you to gain a lot of coin. 
With coin buy all remaining upgrades.

Don't waste coin for take, in this time, rocket, extra life or tune up. 
You must take this after you complete all other upgrades (shield, boost, coinbubble, etc.).

Now is the time to improve your driving skills with some tricks and tips.

Tips and tricks in buggy blitz.
Is very important to understand that on every corner of this game are hidden a large number of shortcut
Shortcuts must be find a lot of time going on the water.
This is the first reasons to take rock stomper.
I put here some screenshot of simply shortcut on the game.
You must memorize the position and the trajectories to jump and surf on this unusual road.
I miss some shortcuts on this list. I and others players will appreciate every suggest to complete the list.
I wait for your fantasy solutions and variations!

Advanced solutions
After a lot of game the tecnique becomes fine, corner are passed with beauty line, speed increase and fun go to the top.
But, some point of the tracks can keep you frustrating because seems there is no solutions to drive without error.
I list below some of this points and the better solutions.

Tunnel - Wood bridge after tunnel
In this point, (see screenshot)

if you speed is too high, try to jump exactly on the direction of the nose of the car in this 2nd photo. 
After the jump, after you touch wood, turn rigth and after fast-left. 
If you are "skilly", you can jump over the left rock and splash on the center of the lake. With 2 bounce on water you can reach the road and go into the tunnel without loss time and speed. Not simple but very effective if you reach.

Tunnel - jump that make you crash on the top of the tunnel

In this pic you can see a very dirty point. The only way to not crash on the top of tunnel is to hit some stuff (rock) to slow your car. If you have shield, the only way is to brake. Good luck.
Jump on the jungle. 
In this point not go up to the bridge. Use a little bit of the wood bridge to jump on the water. you find an hard ground and you can cut this point for gain extra time  

Jungle - jump with hard rigth corner 
Use the crocodile (hit them) on the left side of the road to slow your speed or use brakes. 
Is not possible to turn good on this point in every situation. So, a little use of the brakes can save you.

Dirty drive!
Ok. Now we go to discovery the hidden and secret weapon that we can use to maximize time and travel over the limit of 70 km!
This guide has driven you to see on the horizon this incredible distance limit.
The road is long and a perfect drive is request, but go over this limit can give you a position in the Olimpo of buggy blitz racers!

EXTRA LIFE can allow you to restart with 15 seconds after you lose all the time.

This extra time no longer help you cause when the 60km limit is passed, checkpoint give you only 10 second.
With this poor bonus time, in few seconds the game is over.
But, this extra time in combination with some lucky boost and shortcuts, can help you to go ahead and ahead on the road, for going epic over 70 km limit.

TUNE UP improve your car statistic. Is fundamental to buy this stuff for reach the 60km limit.
Is not clear what exact ituned up on the car.
In my experience i have see that rock stomper gain a lot of acceleration in the exit of corner and that maximize the speed.
I will glad to know your opinion about that impression, but is sure that with tune up the car go more fast.

Why 2km  and not 5?
Rocket missile give you an incredible time bonus.
The rocket left you on the 2,4 km checkpoint, where you start the game instantly taking 15-18 second of checkpoint.
This is equal to being at 2,4 km with 45-48 seconds, while, if you drive from the start without error, in the better case you may have 38 second of time.
Simply, rocket missile give you 8 second bonus!
5 km rocket are not so good. If you drive well you can arrive to 5 km limit with more of 48 second (if you have taked 2km missile!).

So, this means that: YES! YOU CAN GO MORE FAST THAN A ROCKET!!!

Now some dirty tricks...

jungle- arc after downhill
This is another good point to gain extra time. After you pass the arc, not turn left, but go ahead trough the 2 trees. The 2nd picture show an incorrect direction. You need to turn left just a little bit and go on water. If your speed is very high you can reach the road on the other side. If speed is not so high, after you pass the tree on the water, reset car position and you pass on the other side automatically. 
Very fine for gain huge extra time without risk.

jungle - stone ramp with left corner on the top
When you reach a ramp with arc, that end on 2 left signals,turn a little bit on the left and jump over the water. Be careful of the rock on the water and reach the road on the other side. 
See second pic and follow the direction of the car.
 In this point you can gain huge extra time.

That's all for now guy.
Actually i am 37 in the global ladder (163+), but is rigth to tell that my score is reached WITHOUT THE DOUBLE COINS BONUS (that actually have a cost of 1,99 $).
My personal record is 84,497 Km and 30353 coin* 
(* this 2 records are reached in 2 different games. When i drived for 84,497 km i NOT take 30353 coin).
My limit is the ROADnot the score.

So, if you want a real confrontation of your skills against global ladders players, you need this stuff:
- DOUBLE COIN BONUS (1,99 $ for every game you play)
- EXTRA LIFE (15 sec bonus) - cost 2000 coin
- TUNE UP (maximize performance) - cost 4000 coin
- ROCKET MISSILE 2 km (not 5 km!) - cost 1000 coin

To calculate the score the game use a strange system. 
The score is equal at you meter+coin gained. 
But the game use an 1,48 multiplier (and i suspect that the max score is limited to 200000). 

So my personal distance record is 84,897 Km and 30353 is record coin. Is equal to 115250 point.
The game use the 1,48 multiplier for reach 170570 point.

Is simple to calculate that my score, if the double-coins bonus is activated, is 

84987 meter + 30353 coin + 30353 coin = 145693 
145693 * 1,48 = 215625 !
(world record?)
On the leaderbord "public" the best score is 216104 (LoLa LJW), the second score is 208435.
I not activated double coin bonus, so i'am actually ranked at 82° position ().
This means that i'am, virtually, in the second position for the score. And is possible that i have record for distance driven (or coin gained).

Now you can transform your record in a real score.
I wait your records !

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  2. OTHER Tips found in web

    Go in to "Buy" coins. There is an option there for I believe $0.99 that will double every coin. Buy this early on to make it much easier to earn coins in order to unlock all the items in the game. This is the only thing I would suggest buying if you are interested.
    After a race you can get 200 free coins (many times over) by clicking on the "Free Coins" icon. You have to watch an ad and then return to the game and you will earn 200 free coins. It is quite easy to do and can earn you some free coins when you aren't really able to focus on playing.
    Upgrade one car all the way first. This will allow you to do better, unlock more score multipliers, and to earn more coins easier. I'd recommend the Beach Buggy as the first car you get fully upgraded.
    Don't lock any of the drivers until last in the game. They don't offer you any benefit and just use your coins when you could use your coins to get your better unlocks/power-ups.
    Focus on the Coin Magnet and Coin Bubble power-ups first as they help you get more coins. The shield power-up can also help you earn more coins as it gets upgraded.
    Use the best car you have to unlock the others. If you use one of the low level cars with no upgrades, you won't end up earning as many coins thus making it harder to upgrade. You don't actually have to drive the car to upgrade it.
    Check out the achievements section on things you need to accomplish. For each achievement that you unlock (48 of them) you earn 1 score multiplier. Thus, you want to try and accomplish as many of them as possible.

  3. How to jump 200 meters?


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